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  • DEEMER - DEEMERs of Pennsylvania
  • ZIMMERMAN - of the Numedia - Fisherdale - Bear Gap area of Columbia Co., PA
  • NUNGESSER - Johann Georg NUNGESSER, his ancestors and descendants.
  • JOHN - Grifith JOHN: His Ancestors and Descendants
  • THOMAS - descendants of William THOMAS of Newtown Square,, PA, c.1690
  • SCHOLL - SCHOLL, ERISMAN, KILLINGER and other related families, mostly connected to Lancaster, PA; also TRUITT and GRANTHAM families of Mississippi

Our New Home at Cornwall

Springtime at Cornwall

Autumn Leaves at Cornwall Manor

Cornwall Manor

Cornwall Iron Furnace


Methodist Heritage Tour of Downtown Lancaster (written for Eastern PA UMC Annual Conference, 2010)

Historic Downtown Lancaster Self-Guided Walking Tour (written for distribution at Lancaster's visitor centers)















When asked to pose for a photo at his 72nd birthday in 1951, Einstein did!

Who's Hank (aka., Henry Deemer)??


After hanging out with teenagers at Pequea Valley High School for 35 years, I often felt like Einstein in his famous photo of 1951.  During my career I taught Physics, Computer Science, Astronomy, and Meteorology, and for nearly a decade I served as the K-12 Computer Coordinator for the school district.  I retired in 2005. 

Now I spend my time chasing down dead relatives, getting paid to tell people where to go(!) as a part-time travel consultant in a tourist information center in PA Dutch Country, and enjoying a life of liesure in a "resort" (actually a retirement community) where I get to take the dog for long walks in the woods and watch other people mow my lawn and shovel my snow.